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Seaman asserts the firm’s billing statements include entries for “legal services” for the agreement and at no point before the agreement was signed did the firm describe itself as a “mediator” to him. “Defendants were, in fact, Mr. Seaman’s lawyers,” he said. In a statement, the plaintiff’s attorney, Maazel, said, “Schulte billed Mr. Seaman for ‘legal services.’ Schulte accepted payment for ‘legal services.’ Schulte did legal work for Mr. Seaman.  But now Schulte claims not to be his lawyer, as a matter of law? I don’t think so.” In the March 30 papers moving to dismiss the suit, Schulte Roth said the 2015 agreement “clearly” provides that Seaman will pay $3.5 million toward a new home for his then-wife and their two children and assume costs of one-half of the home. He now “wishes to avoid his obligations,” said the firm, represented by partner Robert Abrahams, a co-chairman of Schulte Roth’s litigation group and a member of its executive committee. While there are “many problems” with Seaman’s malpractice suit, Schulte Roth said, “the biggest” is a provision in the March 2015 agreement that states the firm did not represent either of the parties to negotiate it and that each had been informed of the right to retain counsel. Schulte Roth said Seaman had his own separate lawyer and he even sent the firm several comments of a draft agreement and an attached redline reflecting his counsel’s comments. Schulte Roth said the drafting and negotiation of the agreement was outside the scope of its representation of Seaman and it advised him in writing on at least 11 prior occasions that it did not represent him for the negotiation leading to the March 2015 agreement and that he should seek independent counsel, according to court filings. Addressing conflict arguments that Frunzi acted as a trustee for Colin’s trusts, Schulte Roth said lawyers in New York regularly serve as trustees for their client’s trusts and Seaman’s argument is an “after-the-fact attempt to find a hook in some potential conflict he can argue was not covered” by the nonrepresentation acknowledgment and conflict waiver in the agreement. The suit is one of the latest examples of trusts and estates client matters leading to liability claims for law firms, both nationally and in New York.

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