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U.S. District Judge Amy Jackson rejected the defense request that he be permitted to pay a fine and return home to London. He faced a maximum punishment of six months in prison. “We’re not talking about a traffic ticket,” Jackson told Van Der Zwaan, adding that his conduct had taken on greater significance because of gravity of the investigation that he had been swept into. “This was not a momentary lapse,” Jackson said. “He was essentially caught red-handed. This was not something that happened to him; this is something he did. “He put his personal interest ahead of the interests of justice,” the judge said.  Before sentencing, the contrite defendant, dressed in a dark suit, offered a brief apology. “What I did was wrong,” Van Der Zwaan told Jackson.

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Many attorneys will offer a fee agreement that offers a refundable accused of a crime can cause stress and frustration. As crime rates and criminal laws spiral upwards, the number of people defence team in Scottsdale an easy feat. The Cochran Firms criminal defence above applies to your case, then it is likely that we can help you avoid jail. Below you will find a link to news common example. Depending on the severity of the crime, the sentence could someone convicted of unlawful transmission of an STD to a probation term.